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Payment Options

1. Credit Cards

You can use any credit card for placing the order. no extra charge to you. even you can pay with a credit card during delivery for NJ & NYC home delivery.


2. Paypal

you cna use your own paypal account o pay your orders

3. Monlty Payment Option 

Now you can pick Monlty payment option during checkout and apply for credit by Stripe. It is secure and tursted installment plan company by US for more than 25m Customers 

4. Zelle

Please send Grand Total for Zelle to the following email address

Kevin Whitehead

Your order will proceed after Zelle payment is approved.


Lütfen Zelle için Genel Toplamı aşağıdaki e-posta adresine kayitli Zelle Hesabina gönderin

Kevin Whitehead

Zelle ödemesi onaylandıktan sonra siparişiniz işleme alınacaktır.




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