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Zuber Zuber Kids Banana & Cocoa Fruit Bar, 30g

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Product Details
Brand: ETI
EAN: 86920124


Züber Kids Banana and Cocoa Fruit Bar is a 100% natural, sugar-free and next-generation snack for kids and grown-ups. Potassium-rich banana, miraculous dates, fresh nuts and natural cocoa meet with fun and crazy Minion characters in its packaging. Thus, it attracts attention with both its rich and delicious content and funny package.


Contains dates, banana, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chicory root fiber, hazelnuts, almonds, banana concentrate


You can crush the Züber Kids Banana and Cocoa Fruit Bar and add it to the jam and honey. Thus, you can consume it as a breakfast cereal. You can also add flavor to your desserts by crushing or cutting it into small pieces.


Contains hazelnuts and almonds. May contain peanuts and tree nuts.

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