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Tamek Saray Serbeti 1lt

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Brand: Tamek
Tamek brings Saray Şerbeti, the indispensable drink of the old Ramadan, to the tables again. Tamek Saray Şerbeti, which is produced by blending cherry juice with cinnamon, ginger and clove aromas, provides a unique refreshment to the consumers with its plants in addition to introducing a traditional flavor to the tables.
From Tamek to Ramadan: Palace Sherbet
Tamek Saray Şerbeti, which brings the tastes and the traditions of the past to the present day, revives the Palace Şerbeti whose taste is erased first from the tables and then from the palates. Tamek Saray Şerbeti attracts great attention especially during Ramadan periods with the feeling of refreshment and ease of digestion.

Flavor from Past to Present: Tamek Saray Sherbet

Cherry juice; cinnamon, ginger and clove aromas, enriched with aroma, the sine qua non of Ramadan, Palace Sherbet, Tamek's special recipe will be the leading tables this year.
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