Kronos Authentic Fully Cooked Halal Beef/lamp Gyro Slices 5 lbs

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Since 1975 Kronos has been making the highest quality Gyros for restaurants. Now you can bring the BOLD taste of your favorite restaurant home with Kronos Gyros Slices. Our innovative technology flame broils layer upon layer of savory Gyros cones to perfection and carves the slices for you, delivering the unrivaled taste, texture and appearance that is expected from the Kronos brand. The heritage of Kronos Gyros can be on your plate in a matter of minutes, providing you and your family with a quick and easy meal everyone will enjoy. Our Authentic Promise -Kronos changed the way we make Gyros slices with our revolutionary process to deliver fresh slices from our cone to your table. Our sliced, authentic beef and lamb Gyros delivers the same flavor and quality that Kronos has provided to restaurateurs for over 40 years.

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