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KARACA Rosalie 32 Piece Breakfast Set Square

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Product Details
"Karaca Rosalie 32 Piece Breakfast Set Kare, take its place on the exquisite breakfast tables ... In addition to the personal breakfast service pieces for 6 people, the set includes two salts, jam, olive and cheese dishes required for the general table layout. One of each group white porcelain and rose-colored porcelain, which adds modernity to the breakfast set You can set up your breakfast table with this special set to add liveliness and joy to the first hours of the day. You can reach the teams by visiting our category. "
Karaca Rosalie 32 Pieces Breakfast Set Square

Set Content

6 serving plates
6 teacups
6 tea cup saucers
6 porcelain spoons
2 olive groves
2 cheese plates
2 jams
1 salt shaker
1 pepper bowl.

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