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UPC: 8697918765750
Brand: Karaca

Karaca Mesopotamia copper glass (water cup)

Karaca Mesopotamia is a special handcrafted series.
Copper can darken through contact with air over time due to the nature of the material.
Color changes can occur after rinsing.
Tinning may be required with prolonged use of the product.
Perfect heat induction thanks to copper material.
Not dishwasher safe.

Care of copper products - Do copper products darken over time? -Yes, it is normal for uncoated copper to get darker over time. Copper products that are coated with nickel on the outside do not darken; and a tin coating on the inside does not harm health when it gets dark .---- How often should copper products be tinned? - Depending on the frequency of use, tinning is required. Tinning is required on average once a year. Copper products that come in contact with water, such as copper teapots, mugs or jugs, do not need to be tinned .---- How should copper products be cared for at home? - If your copper products appear dark, you can use homemade ones to finish the outside surface of your copper product Polish lighteners like tomato paste, lemon, and ash.
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