Emirelli, Tahini Halva Butter 350gr

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  • � ORIENTAL DELICACY MADE IN TURKEY – Peanut butter, cocoa butter, almond butter, step aside! Make room for a sublime delicacy, super famous in Balkans, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean countries! Relish the real taste of Turkish tahini halva in your mouth, now with an innovative touch brought by Emirelli: a super creamy tahini paste, fun, and super easy to spread. Straight from the jar or on a slice of bread, the Halva’s dense yet healthy sweetness is excellent for snacks, dessert or breakfast!
  • �� MADE OF PURE SESAME SEEDS – Inspired by traditional recipes where primary ingredients vary from sugar, nuts & sunflower butter, beans, our halva-makers have created the most tantalizing halvah spread that dissolves in the creamiest, nuttylicious finish. 100% natural sesame seeds, hulled, roasted, and crushed to perfection. Rich in essential minerals that deliver an almost-addictive joy with every bite. No chemical processes. No additives. Just premium-quality ingredients and unique aromas
  • �� INGENIOUS, SATISFYING SNACK RIGHT FROM THE JAR – Natural proteins, no preservatives, a super savory seed mix of sesame and tahini – What more can you ask from a decadent cholesterol-free dessert infused with tahini paste and sugar syrup? Whenever you crave for something sweet, this jar does the trick! The rich Emirelli sesame tahini butter is a full-flavored, versatile, and sugary treat - you can call it “halva candy”! You’ll adore the honeyed hints and its intense, lasting nuttiness!
  • � GLORIOUS SERVING IDEAS – Due to its beautiful texture and vibrant flavor, the Emirelli creamy tahini is a dream treat for tea, coffee or after-lunch snack. Take it out of the jar and spread it on cookies, toast, baguettes, biscuits, granola or crackers. You can pair this smooth creamy dip with any ice cream, breadsticks sprinkled with fresh lemon juice or cinnamon, and accompany it by a light, white wine. Try it with something that’s either salty or as sweet as caramel, your choice!
  • � UNIQUE, CREAMY TEXTURE – GET DIPPING! – While the Halva’s consistency is usually hard & brittle – a bit difficult to handle, Emirelli challenged its granular crumbliness - we turned it into a super soft, creamier yet dense and smoothly spreadable butter while preserving its potent tastiness. Once the chewy, slightly oily and sticky texture reaches your tongue, you’re in for a joyful, melt-in-your-mouth tasting experience, infused with a bright, subtle sesame flavor! Full of proteins, too!

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