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Turkish Cheese & Olives

Most people aren’t aware that the concept of a charcuterie board has been around since the 15th century. In recent years their popularity has exploded, namely because of social media. They’re a fun way to impress at a party and feel fancy (rather than gluttonous) for eating a ton of finger foods in one sitting. Here are a few fun additions of Turkish Cheese and Turkish Olives for a Turkish-themed charcuterie board or to any fun snack platter.


In Turkey, olives are often eaten as a part of breakfast. We offer a wide variety of black and green olives. We offer something different from the everyday olives from your local grocery store, like:

  • Natural

  • Pitted

  • Cracked

  • Sliced

Just to name a few. One of our most interesting and unique olives is our pitted grilled green olives. They are amazing in a martini or paired with creamy cheeses!


Cheese is a prominent part of Turkish cuisine and can be incorporated into just about any dish. There are even some traditional desserts that make use of cheese. There are too many cheeses offered on our website to name, but be sure to try our array of feta, goat cheese, spreads, and particularly our creamy dill Havarti.

These items don’t have to be just for a charcuterie board; they are also perfect for cooking, baking, salads, and more. Check out our shipping policies for perishable and non-perishable items and our entire selection of Turkish Groceries on our website.

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