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Özdilek Products - Turkish Linens

What is Özdilek?

In 1971, production of the Özdilek brand began in Bursa with only five workers and two weaving machines. Over the years, Özdilek has expanded its brand to become Europe’s foremost production authority for both towels and bathrobes and the company only continues to grow.

Today, Özdilek has a hold of nearly 30% of the textile market in Turkey, boasting a massive 122,000 square meters devoted to the production of unique and high-quality textiles. These textiles are shipped all over the world to places like the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Russia, and more. Quite the improvement from two weaving machines!

Why Choose Özdilek?

Özdilek believes that quality is king, and you will find that within their wide array of products. Their goal is to take a kind of farm-to-table approach with their linens. They start from raw cotton that is processed in their facilities and turn that raw cotton into cotton yarn to be used in their Turkish bedding, towels, bath robes, and more.

At Özdilek, they are constantly looking to improve on the textile technology available today. Their production facilities are wholly integrated with modern technology and automation, and because of this, they consistently invest in other companies looking to create new and better ways to improve upon that production.

Özdilek strives to bring you what you want in your linens. Whether it be new towels for your bathroom, a fun, licensed character duvet cover for your child, or a luxurious bathrobe to make you feel like you’re at the spa, Özdilek has it all.

How Basil Grocery Brings ​​Özdilek to You

At Basil Grocery, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Özdilek products in our online Turkish store. Our wide array of sheets, towels, bath robes, and more gives you that luxurious Özdilek experience without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

We have plenty to offer in both queen and twin sizes if you are looking for beautiful Turkish bedding. Our bedding features patterns or simple, solid colors, depending on your tastes. Don’t forget the extra sheets and soft, fluffy duvet!

You might not need a new sheet set right now, though, and that’s okay too. If you’re in the market for a bathrobe that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a spa, then look no further. Our Özdilek bathrobes are soft and luxurious and come in a large array of sizes to choose from. We even feature a family set for you and your loved ones to match!

The most exciting part? If you order Özdilek products from our store and you live in the New England area, we offer free prime delivery with no weight limit for orders over $149.99! Couple your new Özdilek bedding or towels with some of the incredible kitchen accessories that we offer from Hisar or the beautiful rugs from Kasmir Hali, and you will have some of the finest products that Turkey has to offer without having to pay an exorbitant amount of shipping.

We here at Basil Grocery are proud to be able to bring a little bit of Turkey into the United States, so take a look at all of the incredible products we have to offer on our website today! You might just find something that you can’t go home without.

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