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Ophelia 3D Embroidered Water Green-offwhite Bamboo Family Set

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Product Details

Karaca Home Ophelia 3d Nakışlı Su Yeşili Offwhite Bambu Aile Seti

Set İçeriği

Kadın: Nakışlı Bornoz (S/M) + 50x90 cm nakışlı baş havlusu + 85 x150 cm nakışlı beden havlusu

Erkek : Bornoz ( L/XL) + 50x90 cm baş havlusu +85 x150 cm beden havlusu

Karaca Home Ophelia 3d Embroidered Water Green Offwhite Bamboo Family Set

Set Content

Women: Embroidered Bathrobe (S / M) + 50x90 cm embroidered head towel + 85 x150 cm embroidered body towel
Male: Bathrobe (L / XL) + 50x90 cm head towel + 85 x150 cm body towel
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