Nimet Cig Kofte 400gr Vacuum Pack Shaped 16 pcs - Vegan raw meatball

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Halla- Vegan- Product of Turkey


Ready-to-Eat Çiğköfte Set is a kind of traditional Turkish cuisine appetizer. Basil Grocery offers you your favorite Turkish Handmade Çiğköfte with the most practical form. You can put it directly on the plates and serve. In addition, it is an ideal choice especially for those who work hard and who do not have time to cook.


You can prepare a pleasant dinner by equipping your table with Turkish Handmade Çiğköfte and other appetizers. You can offer it to your home parties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holidays. In addition, it is one of the special tastes that can accompany with ayran.


Store in a cool place

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