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Mado ICE-MAR Maras Ice Cream Plain 450g - Hakiki Kesme Mado Dondurma

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Product Details
Brand: ICE-MAR

Dear Customer,

The Maras Ice Cream ready to ship for the all-around USA

Please be aware, If you are not ordering from NJ, NY, CT, MD, Washington DC, DE, RI, MA, PA, VA, NC, SC, TN, KY, WV, OH, MI, IN, IL, ME Please select at least 2-day delivery time shipping service during check out. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled for this order

Your order under %100 coverage and a money-back guarantee if you use NECESSARY shipping services.

the ice cream not able to survive 2-day or more transit shipping time. We aware of the shipping costs but if you would like to taste real Maras ice cream in the USA that's a perfect way. for any question or concern please contact us.

the order will ship with dry ice in an insulated box...

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