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Karaca 3D PowerSteel Pro 316 Steel TEA POT - TEAPOTS - CAYDANLIK Set

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UPC: 686259258999
Brand: Karaca

Karaca 3D PowerSteel Pro 316 Steel Teapot Set

Strength from 316 Steel, Heat Transfer from Copper

What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum element is a spontaneous element in nature. It is healthy because of this feature.

This element that powers the PowerSteel Series,
it is also used as a special substance that provides high durability as an anti-rust and corrosion agent in ships crossing the oceans, spaceships and similar industries.

It is suitable for use in all furnaces, including induction.


Large: 2.0 Lt
Medium: 1.25 Lt
Small: 0.75 Lt

Guaranteed for 50 Years.

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