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KRINOS Shelled Wheat 2.2lb (1kg) Bag Asurelik Bugday Pounded Wheat Barley

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Krinos Shelled Wheat (Asurelik Bugday) is made from soft wheat that is cleaned and peeled so that the covers of the grains are removed. A popular culinary ingredient in Turkey and the Middle East, Shelled Wheat is commonly used in Harees, Hareesas, or Jareesh, an Arab meat and wheat dish with the consistency of porridge that is often served during the month of Ramadan. Most famously, Shelled Wheat is a key ingredient in “Noah’s Ark Pudding,” also known as Asure or Ashure. This delicious and nutritious pudding is made with shelled wheat, dried fruit (like apricots, raisins, currants and figs), hazelnuts, chickpeas and navy beans – and often sweetened with sugar, cinnamon, orange or lemon zest and sometimes rosewater. Noah’s Ark Pudding is thought to be the oldest pudding in the world! As legend has it, Noah cooked all of the remaining food on the ark in one pot to sustain all life on board as the waters were receding. And, it worked! “Noah’s Ark Pudding” is part of the cultural and culinary heritage of Turkey and neighboring countries, including Greece. It is normally made and shared in large quantities, and seen as a symbol of unity, friendship and diversity. “Noah’s Ark Pudding” is also connected to the ancient Jewish Holiday of Ashura, and the Muslim holiday of Ashure. This delicious dish is so famous in Turkey that the shelled wheat, Asurelik Bugday, is often called “Wheat for Noah’s Pudding!” Krinos Shelled Wheat also is a wonderful ingredient for soups, salads and desserts. Boil in your favorite cooking stock and cook like rice or pasta. Or, sauté this fiber-rich wheat with olive oil and/or butter, salt, pepper and garlic, before adding your cooking liquid to amplify its wheaty flavor.

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