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KARACA Levin Enamel Sahan 20cm
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Karaca Levin Enamel Plate 20 cm


20 cm Sahan
Material: Enamel

2 Years Warranty.


It can be washed in the dishwasher.
It is suitable for use on all stoves except induction.
The main features of the preference of Karaca Enamel products over other coating types are listed below.

Karaca enamel products are preferred primarily because they give an aesthetic appearance to the metal on which they are coated, do not deteriorate for a lifetime in your home and kitchen, and with a color combination that will adapt to the place they will be in.
Enamel products have the characteristics of hard and smooth. It is not drawn unless an effort is made to draw directly.
Any color tone can be applied to Karaca enamel products. The aesthetic structure derived from the colors of life, and the blending of the colors used with a high degree of glass raw material beyond being paint, will maintain the same feature throughout life.
The enamel is protected from corrosion and its longevity is ensured.
Roe enamel products never contain any toxic raw materials. No harmful content has been detected in the enamel, which has been used for more than a thousand years.
Enamel products do not contain germs and have easy-to-clean properties.
Karaca enamel products are resistant to high temperature, chemical and climatic conditions.
We present the other technical benefits of Karaca Enamel products for your information below.

With enameling, the surface of the metal has a corrosion-resistant surface.
It has a surface that does not allow the formation and reproduction of bacteria.
It has a surface that is not subject to color changes over time.
It creates a smooth surface on the metallic surface to which it is applied.
It creates surfaces that provide a decorative and aesthetic appearance.
It has a non-toxic surface.
It has a surface resistant to chemical effects such as acid and alkali.
It has a hard surface against scratching and abrasion.
It has a surface that does not lose its properties over time like organic paints.
It has a surface resistant to heat change and abrasion.
It has a hygienic surface that does not give smell and taste.
Karaca Glassware Inc. We strongly recommend that the contents of all materials that come into contact with food must be known for a healthy future.
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