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KARACA Fine Pearl Selva 62pcs Dinnerware Set Rnd
$1 499.99
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Product Details
Karaca Fine Pearl Extra Selva 62 Pieces Dinnerware Set for 12 People
Set Content

12 Pieces 23 cm Dinner Plate
12 Pieces 28.5 cm Serving Plates
12 Pieces 23 cm Cake Plate
12 Pieces 14.2 cm Soup Bowl
4 Pieces 25.5 cm Small Boat Plate
2 Pieces 33 cm Big Boat Plate
2 Pieces Salt Shakers
2 Pieces Pepper Shakers
2 Pieces Toothpick
1 Piece Soup Bowl (With Lid)

Our Fine Pearl series, which is produced from real pearls and carries the subtleties of a work of art with its production stages, is produced in a thinner form to bring an unusual elegance to the tables.
More Transparent

The series with a more non-porous structure are transparent enough to let the light through, thus adding a unique elegance and delicacy to the tables.
More Durable

In order to be more durable, it is baked 2 times at a special temperature, so the gilding on it is not erased and maintains its permanence.
2x More Pearls

Compared to our previous pearl series, 50% more pearls are used in it.
More Hygienic

Thanks to its less porous structure, it prevents invisible food residues from settling on the plates and thus provides a more hygienic use.

The series consisting of different forms offer classic, modern and striking aesthetic lines.
Material: Fine Pearl

The patent of the product belongs to Karaca and it is a first in the world.

In the inspections and inspections carried out by TÜV Rheinland inspectors during production, that Karaca Fine Pearl products contain “INCI”,

It has been reported that pearls are added to the product paste.

First in the world

Karaca Fine Pearl is one of the most valuable sets in the world with the pearl used in its production. Fine Pearl has gone through a production process where handcraftsmanship is at the forefront and numerous quality controls are made. Real pearls used in its production; It brings with it an innovation that has never been done before in the world. This feature makes Fine Pearl a world first.


The benefits of Fine Pearl, produced with pearl, do not end with its appeal to health and eye pleasure, besides bringing a new definition to transparency with its quality, it also perfects your tables with its completely non-porous surfaces. In addition, thanks to the magic of the pearl, it will be one of the best choices for you if you want to bring health to the fore in your kitchen. The pearls that Karaca uses in Fine Pearl are freshwater pearls.

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