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KARACA Biogranit Pink 7pcs Tencere Seti
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Karaca Biogranit Pink 7 Piece Cookware Set

Set Content

18 cm Pot 2 Liter
22 cm Pot 3.5 Liter
26 cm Low Pot 3 Liters
26 cm Pan
Material: Bio Granite

Did you know?

Granite raw material produced in Switzerland is sold to the whole world under the brand name of KARACA.

Why Biogranite?

It is healthy. It is an advanced technology product.
The materials used in production are certified and do not contain any harmful substances.
With its granite-like reinforced surface, it is extraordinarily resistant to scratches.
It is stain-proof and easy to clean due to its maximum non-combustible non-stick feature.
It is resistant to scratches up to 7 times compared to its counterparts.

Non-staining outer surface,
Inner coating that provides maximum non-stick adhesion,
Stylish handles that are easy to use,
Maximum time and energy savings,
It has an easy-to-clean granite inner and outer coating and a 4 mm thick body.
Thanks to its heat-resistant special glass cover, it allows the cooking process to be followed easily.
It can be washed in the dishwasher.
Not suitable for use on induction cookers.
Spare parts are supplied.
Covers are included in the set, (excluding the pan cover), a total of 7 pieces.
It is guaranteed for 2 years.
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