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KARACA Animal Koala Mug
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Karaca Animal Koala Mug


1 mug 352 ml
Dimensions: 10 cm

Material: Stoneware
What is stoneware? Its shape and color are due to the white caolin clay; its glasslike appearance is on account of the quartz and its strong and durable structure thanks to the feldspatz minerals that are used in its construction
Superior resistance
superior resistance
it is scratch
resistant thanks to its rigid construction, which is formed by it being exposed to heat at 1200 C, a higher temperature than ceramic. Acid-resistant
It's not affected by acid
No porousness/porosity-No cracking
it is resistant to cracking on account of the fact that it has a low porosity-that is to say its resists fracturing because of its low porousness, which means it does not allow liquids to seep through cracks. For this reason it does not absorb water or retain bacteria. Unpleasant tastes or smells also are not retained.No lead compınent-As it does not contain heavy metals like lead, the material is extrememly healthy
Cleanig and Maintenance
Can easily be cleaned-Its waterfproof properties make it hygienice-Thanks to its resistant/durable structure, it can be used in the microwave and deep-freezer and will not be damaged when placed in the dishwater-It should not be directly exposed to heat
On account of its resistant/durable structue, food retains its heat for a long time
How can I ensure a long life for the producy
When placing stoneware products on top of each other it is advisable to place a soft dividing material such as a light cloth between the products while you stack them. It can be washed in the dishwasher at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees centigrade
To retain its shiny/gilded and to maximise the duration of use, it is recommended that the product be washed by hand

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